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The Alliance for Artisan Enterprise, founded in November 2012 and hosted by the Aspen Institute, is a collaborative effort of over 70 artisan businesses, artisan support organizations, corporations, government agencies, and other partners who are working together to promote the full potential of the global artisan sector.  

The Alliance for Artisan Enterprise was created to elevate the importance of the artisan sector, support and grow artisan businesses, and share best practices in a collaborative learning community. 

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Join the Alliance for Artisan Enterprise on Kiva

Gina Rogari

Join the Alliance for Artisan Enterprise on Kiva to empower artisan entrepreneurs around the world:

In partnership with Kiva - the world's first online crowd-lending platform - the Alliance for Artisan Enterprise offers loans tailored to artisan businesses. Artisan businesses are often overlooked by traditional lenders; Kiva allows these entrepreneurs to bypass banks and secure capital to buy raw materials, access international markets, invest in equipment and training, and more. In one year, the Alliance has raised over $100,000 in loan funds from individual Kiva lenders and has maintained a 100% repayment rate. Learn more about the program and see all 17 of our Kiva borrowers here!

Spotlight: Askarbek, Kyrgyzstan

Lend to Askarbek today!

Askarbek practices centuries-old hand-weaving techniques, representing centuries-old nomadic art from Central Asia. By weaving each piece by hand, Askarbek believes he can weave a bridge between the cultures of the past and the present. 

Askarbek has been selected to participate for a second year in the competitive International Folk Art Market in Santa Fe, New Mexico, after a very successful first trip in 2016. Askarbek will use a loan of $8,000 to be able to participate in the market, and continue providing stable employment for 10 artisans in Kyrgyzstan. Participating in international markets will expose his handcrafted pieces to people around the world, employ more artisans in his workshop, and increase the production of traditional handwoven goods.

Thank you for your constant support!

We sincerely appreciate your support in our mission to promote the full potential of artisan enterprise around the world. Would you like to become more involved in the Alliance community?