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The Alliance for Artisan Enterprise, founded in November 2012 and hosted by the Aspen Institute, is a collaborative effort of over 70 artisan businesses, artisan support organizations, corporations, government agencies, and other partners who are working together to promote the full potential of the global artisan sector.  

The Alliance for Artisan Enterprise was created to elevate the importance of the artisan sector, support and grow artisan businesses, and share best practices in a collaborative learning community. 

Celebrating 100 members!

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Celebrating 100 members!

Gina Rogari

Celebrating 100 members!

This month, the Alliance for Artisan Enterprise community celebrates reaching over 100 members and partners. We are so grateful for your support and commitment to the advancement of the artisan sector around the world. Together, we are able to shine a bright light on the social, economic, and cultural value of artisan enterprise. Learn more about our 100th member on our blog!

Spotlight: Estrella de Mar

"Love is the message, fashion is the medium."

In 2012, Emily and Julie founded Estrella de Mar after falling in love with the extraordinary traditional textiles and richness of Mayan culture in Guatemala. Today, Estrella de Mar provides financial empowerment through dignified employment. The brand works with worker-owned women's weaving cooperatives and small family businesses to produce handwoven homeware and accessories, sharing a commitment to ethical, sustainable practices and high-quality results.

The methods used in the craftsmanship of Estrella de Mar pieces have been practiced for thousands of years in Guatemala. Fabric is woven on backstrap and foot looms. Watch a short video about the weaving process here!

Follow Estrella de Mar on Facebook and Instagram to learn more about their wonderful work in Guatemala. Shop handwoven products on their website, and read the full feature on the Alliance blog

Our community:

Introduce yourself to the Alliance community! Learn more about our newest members below, and find all member and partner profiles on the Alliance website:

  • Andean Textile Arts | Supporting the people and communities of the Andes to preserve and revitalize their textile traditions.
  • Boutique Mexico | All about Mexico: bringing consumers the very essence of Mexico in traditional craft and emerging fashion and accessories. 
  • Catrinka | An ethical fashion accessory brand dedicated to investing in women in girls. Buy a bag. Employ a woman. Educate a girl.
  • Craft Talk | A forum to share experiences, talk about craft, and learn from one another.
  • Eco Fashion Talk | An online resource to tell the stories of our material connection to the world through cutting-edge design.
  • Eternal Threads | Weaving hope and justice to improve the lives of women and children at risk of extreme poverty and trafficking. 
  • Human Connections | Bringing together international travelers and local entrepreneurs through educational tours, Global Engagement Trips, and student internships.
  • Kakaw Designs | Creating unique handmade leather products that combine upcycled materials and new Mayan textiles.
  • Kat & Ibin | Partnering with Mexican artisans to create unique, story-driven objects for interior decoration.
  • Kauli | Capturing elements from the creative personalities and artistic traditions of Africa through people and products.
  • Maya Traditions Foundation | Leveraging traditional Maya heritage and art, connecting female artisans with national and international markets.
  • Proud Mary | A global exploration of textiles, working with global artisans to create ethnic-modern home decor and accessories.
  • Sertodo Copper | An international cooperative of master copper artisans, bringing consumers handcrafted hammered copper goods.
  • Studio One Eighty Nine | Providing a platform to promote and curate African content and brands through worldwide distribution.
  • Textiil | Modern global decor crafted in the U.S. from artisan textiles sourced in Malaysia and Indonesia.
  • The Little Market | Empowering female artisans around the world, working through cooperatives and social enterprises to improve the quality of life in local communities. 
  • WEConnect International | Helping women-owned businesses succeed in global value chains.

Thank you for your constant support!

We sincerely appreciate your support in our mission to promote the full potential of artisan enterprise around the world. Would you like to become more involved in the Alliance community? 

  • Become a member of the Alliance network; now only $100!
  • Make a donation to our ongoing programs and growing network
  • Join the Global Campaign for Artisan Enterprise - use #ChooseArtisan on social media in your efforts to spread awareness about the value of the global artisan sector!