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The Alliance for Artisan Enterprise, founded in November 2012 and hosted by the Aspen Institute, is a collaborative effort of over 70 artisan businesses, artisan support organizations, corporations, government agencies, and other partners who are working together to promote the full potential of the global artisan sector.  

The Alliance for Artisan Enterprise was created to elevate the importance of the artisan sector, support and grow artisan businesses, and share best practices in a collaborative learning community. 

Announcing the 2017 TEDWomen Global Showcase

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Announcing the 2017 TEDWomen Global Showcase

Gina Rogari

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Announcing the 2017 TEDWomen Global Showcase: Building Livelihoods for Refugee Women

The Alliance for Artisan Enterprise is thrilled to announce the second-ever Global Showcase at the 2017 TEDWomen Conference, November 1-3 in New Orleans, Louisiana. In 2016, the Alliance featured 12 extraordinary artisan businesses in the inaugural Showcase. Together, these women employ over 6,300 artisans, support tens of thousands of family members, and have rediscovered hundreds of ancient techniques across Africa, Asia, Latin America, and Europe. 

This year, the Alliance is reinventing the Global Showcase, highlighting artisan enterprises that provide vulnerable refugee populations with sustainable livelihoods. Join us as we celebrate the skills and stories of refugee artisans in an immersive learning experience, re-examining entrepreneurship on a global scale. 

We are excited to stay in touch with updates throughout the Showcase planning process. See you in New Orleans!

Support the Showcase:

The generous contributions of our partners and supporters make the Global Showcase possible. Please contact Gina Rogari ( you are interested in learning more about our Artisan Scholarship program for this year's Showcase. We sincerely appreciate your support in our mission to promote the full potential of artisan enterprise around the world. 

How else can you get involved in the Alliance community?

  • Become a member of the Alliance network; now only $100!
  • Join the Global Campaign for Artisan Enterprise - use #ChooseArtisan on social media in your efforts to spread awareness about the value of the global artisan sector

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